Have you realised that you have social media accounts you’ve forgotten the login for? Been to a wedding recently and had your phone confiscated? COULD YOU BE SPENDING LESS TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA????

People are starting to get sick of being constantly glued to social media and our tech – let’s face it; we all have that friend/sibling/S.O. that just can’t put their phone down. It’s annoying, it’s distracting, it’s not mindful and people are forgetting that physical reality is their primary reality. Sure, we love tech! We love social media! But it should be a part of our lives only to point where it adds value, and people are now becoming oversaturated and realizing that, guess what, it can actually be detrimental (like anything can when you spend too much time on it and it affects personal relationships).

What does that actually mean for brands? Will consumers be browsing as much? Social is always going to be a source for visual information and staying connected with friends, but consumers are starting to remove themselves. As a company (and for our clients) we think it’s 100% SO important to gather information, inspiration, cultural knowledge and other learnings through social media – and Instagram is where that’s at for us at the moment. We’ve decided that, just like Craig David, we’re walking away – from Facebook and Twitter.

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Just because we’re a digital agency doesn’t mean we need to be on every. single. platform. Everyone’s digitally savvy these days – brands AND consumers. But it doesn’t mean you need to be all things to all people – you just need to use the platforms that are most suitable to your customers and your business. That’s why we’re doing what we do for our clients – strategically editing which platforms add the most value to our brand. And that’s why we’re leaving Facebook and Twitter.

FACEBOOK. Facebook. owns. everyone. Yes – we’re all still using it on a personal level (mainly chat tho), but as a brand the only way to get noticed is to spend $$$ and not get much in return except some inflated ad performance numbers. Over it.

TWITTER. All they’ve done recently is amend the character limit so that it doesn’t include images. You can’t even edit Tweets, and growing followers is time-consuming. Can you even remember the last time you tweeted?

WHERE YOU CAN FIND US FROM NEXT WEEK. Instagram – talking to our clients and other creative-minded professionals/lovers. LinkedIn – talking to our B2B audience/the wider industry.

Peace out, TwitBook.

P.S. Are you leaving any platforms behind?