The other week we hit up one of [Appear Here]’s regular Underground Sessions to have a sit-down with Jeremy Langmead (Mr Porter), Pandora Sykes (Sunday Times Style) and Georgina Harding (Semaine). The topic? Content, and why brand managers now need to be editors, too.

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Every touch point you have, whether it’s your social media, your product descriptions, your website’s blog or your physical store, needs to nail the brand persona. Establish a voice for the brand (hey hello, what do you think we’re doing here with our thought pieces?). When every brand can have a voice via social – let’s face it – the market’s becoming pretty saturated (and mostly with crappy content).

So you get a content manager (or take on the role yourself). Starting point: what is your audience doing? Forget what kind of product you want to deliver, what you think they want. Take a broader perspective: what are they eating, where are they hanging out with friends, what TV shows are they watching, where are they going on holiday, what music are they listening to? The more involved you become with as many cultural influences as possible, the better positioned you are to create meaningful, engaging content that speaks to your audience. Bonus: it enhances your life too! And let’s face it, we’ve all been hanging out at the same places for too long. Time to change it up.

Next stop: question everything. Why is this interesting? What do I like (or not like) about it? How are other people reacting to/engaging with it? What could be done better? Is anything about it challenging my beliefs? There’s your starting point.

Now over to you.


What we’re watching:

  • Black Mirror
  • Narcos
  • Nashville (sorry not sorry)

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  • Flume – Skin LP
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  • Calvin Harris & Rihanna – This Is What You Came For

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